Meet the Man Behind Oitis

Tony created and launched the Oitis WordPress detector in January 2021.

Extremely knowledgeable with how WordPress works, it was a delight for Tony to build Oitis. Tony also has a YouTube channel called Tony Teaches Tech where he's been teaching WordPress tutorials since 2019.

Tony decided to call this website Oitis as he would often find himself exclaiming "Oh, it is WordPress" after realizing a certain site used WordPress.

Tony Florida, the founder of Oitis

The Need for an Accurate WordPress Website Detector

The Oitis project was a direct result of Tony's dissatisfaction with existing WordPress theme and plugin detectors which were inconsistent and inaccurate. Sometimes, these tools would say that a website does not use WordPress, but when Tony looked at the page source, it clearly did.

Tony took his desire to build an accurate way to automatically tell if a website uses WordPress, and so Oitis was born.

Famous WordPress Websites

With a huge chunk of the internet running WordPress (over 43% as of December 2022), it can be fun and useful to find out which websites use WordPress. You may also find it surprising that some of the world's most famous companies use WordPress.

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